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Prophetic Worshiper Digital Course

Prophetic Worshiper Digital Course


Be Fully Equipped In The Flow of Prophetic Praise & Worship

MP3 Audio Course and 37 Page Student Manual

To many people being prophetic seems like being spontaneous but there’s a whole lot more to it than spontaneity. Though we are spontaneous in being instant in season and out, the preparation for this is not spontaneous at all.

It is taking the time to be trained, activated, and by reason of use, developing a ministry flow.

What This Course Covers

  • Break The Fear Of Spiritual Spontaneity
  • Learn how to prophesy on your instrument
  • Know the foundation of prophetic ministry
  • Play creatively by the Spirit
  • Understand the role of a psalmist/prophetic worship leader
  • Know the role of the prophetic song
  • Realize the power of a prophetic worship team
  • Connect your desire to play with God’s plan for your gifts

This product is available in a downloadable zip file after purchase is complete.

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