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The Tabernacle of God - Book

The Tabernacle of God - Book


As prophetic people we are assigned with hearing, seeing and demonstrating what God is doing now and what He is doing next. Right now God is releasing a call for us to answer; a call to discover the next dimension of worship; a call to act in the anointing of David, the prophet and psalmist of Israel. He is calling us to peer into the next dimension and make it the now dimension.

In The Tabernacle of God, Dean Mitchum shows us how to understand and activate our prophetic role in the next worship reformation and transition from The Tabernacle of David to The Tabernacle of God


"It gives me GREAT PLEASURE to speak in support of my dear brother and friend, Dean Mitchum.  I've have been greatly impacted and eternally changed by his worship, his teaching, and his life. His insight on worship is life changing and is a "MUST HAVE" for all worship leaders like me who LOVE Jesus and not just love their assignment. What you are about to read and experience will be a catalyst into realms of worship that will transform you forever.  God's hand is on Dean Mitchum for such a time as this." - Eddie James